In-store events : Balloons and crowns made the kids feel special during the store event celebrations.
 Digital : Geoffrey and his friends appeared in these cute and quirky diorama scenes to promote the program. The scenes promoted the benefits of the program for parents and were fun for the kids to engage with. The scenes were featured in the landing page for the program and a trigger email series that were sent to club members leading up to their birthday. I was involved in the toy selection, brainstorming, concept development, art direction and photography.
GBC_TriggerEmails_Layout_2up 2.jpg
 Social media : Geoffrey and his friends took to social media to promote the benefits of joining the club. A series of posts were developed for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.
 A special video was developed to showcase all the benefits of being a Geoffrey Birthday Club member. It was used to promote the club on Facebook and youtube. It was done in a puppet style as if a kid made it. I art directed the storyboards, filming in studio and editing.
 Birthday cards : What’s better than getting a card in the mail on your Birthday? Toys”R”Us wanted to make sure their Birthday Club members knew they were extra special and developed these cards for the occasion.
   Oops… What happens when Geoffrey is late to wish you a happy birthday? He sends Batman to the rescue!
   Everyone loves a good cake smash to celebrate a first birthday milestone!
 Monthly Birthday Social Engagement : Every month posts were created to wish kids a happy birthday. Geoffrey was always the star. Themes were created around seasons, holidays or special movie or toy launches. Below are just 2 examples: January had a new New Years’ theme, of course, and the May birthday featured Geoffrey as a pirate in honor of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie.
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