In-Store Collateral : These colorful bags and Team Member shirts embodied the essence of the brand.
 Gift Cards : I ♥️ Geoffrey and so did our customers. I developed hundreds of gift cards over the years to support our gift card program and the simple Geoffrey lenticular is still one of my favorites. To bring Geoffrey to life in the hands of a kid is so exciting. When budget allowed I was able to have fun with special inks, die cuts and foil!
 Corporate website : I art directed and developed the base design for the corporate website and then worked alongside the corporate communication team and agency as they implemented the website.
 Corporate environmental graphics : Company morale is so important and having a great space to greet you and work in is key. I was part of the team on the office revitalization project. I worked on the graphics and scheduled photo shoot with team members to feature around the building. The corporate vision and brand statements were featured in dimensional installations around the building.
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