Gerber Baby Food : This flexible, contemporary architecture and soft focus photography accomplished the goal of presenting a fresh look to the fruit and vegetables. I collaborated closely with the client throughout the design process, concept development, focus group testing, photography composition and 300 sku production.
 Stonyfield YoKids Yogurt: This re-launched kids yogurt now brands the name YoKids to build on the success of it’s younger sibling YoBaby. The bold colors are sure to get some attention on shelf to appeal more to kids but still have that real fruit goodness to appeal to Moms. I handled the design implementation, production and photo shoot.
 Sandridge Foods, Grandma’s Original Recipes : Sandridge foods wanted to refresh a tired brand and give this grandma a new look. The packaging material was updated along with a newly illustrated grandma logo and a line of products was developed with clear color coding. A style guide was also developed to support the brand.
 Packaging Concepts : The following concepts are some of my flavorites that never made it to shelf.
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